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Image by Kelly Sikkema

Brand Identity Options


1 Logo.jpg
1 Variations.jpg

In all options provided, utilized the same monk graphic and added a tagline. I have provided alternate marks for each logo, since we are limited on the label space, I do want you to see other variations of the logo in a stacked version or vertical version.

For this option, I chose a clean, friendly font for your name. Gold/black/red is the color palette for your logo but not necessarily your brand identity (that color story is labeled and placed below your logo variations). 

The color palette that I've introduced for this option is muted in tone and overall this look and feel is slightly delicate in nature, modern, and clean looking.

Your labels are divided into three sections that wrap around the black tin. It includes the following: 

  • Logo

  • Name of Product

  • Type of Product (powdered tea)

  • Size 

  • Benefit copy (right panel)

  • Physical & Web address (right panel) 

  • Benefit Icon with copy  (right panel)

  • UPC code (left panel)

  • Directions (left panel)

  • Ingredients (left panel)

  • Caffeine statement (left panel)



For this option, I chose a stylized serif font for your logo and, paired it with a script font. The tagline in this version picks up the likeness of the "Monk" font and again choosing the tomato red/black/gold color palette.


The color story on this option is very bright which will help grab the attention of the consumer on the shelf. Because the color background is so bright with reversed copy, I chose to beef up the font size which then pushed the UPC onto its own label. The smallest size the UPC code can be is 1.1875" which fits perfectly at the bottom of the tins.

The main difference between label options 1 and 2 is the UPC placement. Again, this version will not have the UPC on the label and the UPC will be labeled separately and placed on the bottom of the tin. 

I did take some liberty and went for the pop factor. It's a graphic approach that I feel works well for your target market.


For the next two options, I'm only showing logo and color stories (no labels). I would like to get your opinion and direction on where you would like to see your packaging after seeing these first two options above.

This logo option was inspired by the 70s style artwork you were referring to over the phone. It's a bold, fun take on your logo that can be easily rendered for packaging purposes. I chose a fat bold font with a handwritten script font for your tagline. 

The colors story is bright and pulled from your logo. 

4 Logo.jpg
4 Variations.jpg


I chose a modern slab serif font for your company name with a sans serif font for the tagline. The oblong verbiage that flows around the graphic and company name is shaped like a cup (upside down), which also adds some interest to the logo itself.

The color story falls under a more muted color palette and will work well as a full-color label.

For all options, please review the logos and label options.

I believe you need to have both physical and website addresses added to your label. 

Please also review the benefit copy I added.

I can always send you a PDF if you would like to print and see the physical label in your hands. :)

Once you decide on label choice, we can also add a top label with your chosen logo and tea name.

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