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Brand Support

At One Eight Creative, we are dedicated to providing strategic, high-quality brand assistance to internal marketing departments, design departments, business leaders, and marketing directors. By partnering with us, you can be assured of innovative brand support that will contribute to your brand's growth.

We collaborate with clients on individual projects or on an ongoing basis, exceeding expectations with our creative and strategic input. Our team comprises experienced strategists, designers, writers, and developers, who are all at your disposal via a dedicated project manager.


As a result, each client's project benefits from the collective proficiency of our versatile team.

Image by Karsten Winegeart
Monthly Design Service

One of our most versatile offerings, Brand Support Packages (Hour Packs) can be used for content creation, graphic design, marketing materials, vehicle design, and more—the sky’s the limit! We offer 5, 10, 15 or custom Brand Support Hour Packs to suit projects of all sizes.

Our Brand Support packages include graphic design, copywriting, digital and social media design, attire design, vehicle design, advertising design, and more.  Web development, web design, and digital marketing services are sold separately. Brand support requires an annualized commitment with big savings.

It's like having us on staff, without the worry of eating all the breakroom snacks.

Social Media Management
& Email Marketing

We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well.
While we no longer need to convince people of the importance of establishing a social presence, we do need to stress the importance of formulating a social media strategy. Our social media team creates a social plan specific to your business and your business goals.

We will develop a social media strategy that is active instead of reactive, strategic instead of tactical, and we’ll develop an engaging online persona for your company. As we take on managing your social media accounts, we will implement your social media strategy and schedule your posts in advance so that we can create a roadmap for success. 

Nervous about blindly letting us drive the boat? We offer an approval system where you can go through and see exactly what we have scheduled out for 2-4 weeks in advance. There you can suggest changes and make comments to ensure that we stay on the same page.


A curated email list is an incredible tool to build your business. Relying solely on third-party services like Facebook to reach your customers is not the only way to grow your followers. It's a great baseline for you to build content and followers, but in order to really develop a relationship with your base, email marketing is the step you need to take. 

Our email marketing solutions are perfect for businesses looking to turn customers into brand loyalists. If you're looking to grow your bottom line, inbox marketing is the quickest and most cost-effective solution. Our team can help with MailChimp account setup, maintenance, email creation, and creativity. One of the things that we really enjoy about getting people signed up with a digital newsletter is that at the end of the day you OWN that list of contacts. The numbers are there, and people are looking for content in their inbox that brings them value. Those are your customers and they signed up for your newsletter because they are truly interested in what you have to say.


So how are you going to provide them value? That's where we come in!

Whether it's a new brand,
a brand refresh,
or just a particular project...

let's talk.

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