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Brand Identity & Development 

Collateral Design 

Website Design 

Private label glove line created for the largest distributor in the US: PrimeSource BP. GRX brand was developed for the distribution company with 13 SKUs in varying sizes, across 4 different categories. Building in a Cut Series line and adding additional gloves SKUs within each category.

Founder, Tara Green developed the brand identity behind this expansive glove line from the top-of-hand logos for each line/category, to the packaging including hang tags, and master carton imagery.


Merchandising is very important when entering a retail market, so we developed point-of-purchase metal floor and counter displays as well as standard "dump bin" carton displays. Video marketing, sell sheets, spec sheets, website design, ads for social media, and internal marketing sheets including their comprehensive style guide were all developed under our founders direction.


Look for these gloves at The Home Depot, Lowes and many other retailers.

GRX industrial glove merchandise set
GRX Cut Catalog
GRX Industrial Work Glove Web Design
HomeDepot_MockUp GRX.jpg
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