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Business Branding

Your corporate brand identity is what people know, think, and feel at every point of connection with your business. Some of that is created organically in the hearts and minds of your audiences.


If you operate in a landscape where competition is high, and where visual appeal and effective communication can boost your profits such as food and beverage, hospitality, fashion, technology, financial services, health & wellness sectors, you can benefit from the work of an identity designer. 

A brand redesign may be necessary if your business objectives have evolved, your target audience demographics have shifted, your offerings have been revamped, new competitors have emerged, or you wish to redefine your reputation. Perhaps your existing brand design is outdated, failing to resonate with the consumers. In such situations, adopting a strategic design approach can be beneficial!

Catalog Cover

Actually, yes, a book can be judged by its cover

We would not be the successful business we are today without our partnership with Tara & One Eight Creative. It's like Tara is reading my mind! I describe my idea or concept and she creates exactly the perfect right thing. The communication, professionalism, and attention to detail are like no other graphic design firm we have worked with. Our 10+ year partnership with Tara is hands-down the most lucrative one we have. Do not hesitate to make a call or reach out to One Eight Creative.

Rachel, Fat Milo's Family Kitchen

Whether it's a new brand,
a brand refresh,
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let's talk.

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