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Did you know March is the new January?🫣

As a business owner, sometimes it takes a good minute to focus on my own marketing efforts! Needless to say, its been busy, and it turns out, March is the perfect month to send this email. Why? Today is International Women’s Day and I have a brand reveal for a woman-owned business that just celebrated a 1 year anniversary!


Dr. Kaley Bourgeois is a naturopathic physician practicing integrative family medicine in Tigard, Oregon. With over 10 years of full-time practice, she opened Framework Integrative Medicine for patients seeking a functional medicine approach to disease prevention and health optimization. What does this mean? Healthcare that combines conventional medicine with complementary therapies to provide the framework for optimal health.

Let’s dive in!


I set out to create a visual identity that has a beautiful blend of minimal, grounded, and holistic lines, with an approachable feel. A brand that felt equal parts compassionate and powerful, trustworthy and strong. The use of the leaves represents the integrative approach to medicine and how they work together cohesively. The color palette and use of imagery align with the positive, fresh, and uplifting tone of their brand, the message they're sharing, and how they want to make their customers feel ❤️

Putting these key branded elements and guidelines in place can do wonders for consistency and cohesiveness in your branding. This naturally leads to more brand recognition. Which naturally leads to business growth 🌱

Building a memorable brand in any industry takes more than a well-designed logo.

It’s about knowing what connects with your target audience, and authentically speaking to who they are, to gain their trust and loyalty.

Are you ready to collaborate?

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