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The New Normal :: Restaurant Dining during COVID pandemic

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

We've all heard it... we're living in unprecedented times. It's been a few months since we've been quarantined with our "Stay Home, Stay Safe" orders and now we're at the point where states are starting to open our cities. Every restaurant and business owner has signs posted with their new hours, safety messages and medical rules for entering their place of business. Most of the signs you see look similar to one another and are fairly clinical looking. Is it possible to stay on brand, while sending a clear message to your customers?

Yes. Of course. Always. Why wouldn't you?

Rachel Schoening, owner of Fat Milo's Family Kitchen in Sherwood, Oregon was in need of signage for her restaurant to announce its opening. Because of the health rules in place for restaurants, she was also in need of additional directional signs and wanted something that was representative of her diner. Rachel wanted something "cheeky" and fun. She also knew she did not want her signage to look like all the other business #COVID-19 signs.

Fat Milos Family Kitchen Covid-19 signs

I decided to play up the 50s diner theme, and created #retro posters and window signs that would stand out and draw her customers in. Think about it for a moment... when you're dining out with family or friends (let's face it, anytime in the year 2020) you may be feeling anxious, right? Do you really want to see medical signs everywhere when trying to relax and enjoy your meal? Let's be clear, the message still needs to be said, but let's have some fun with it and put your customers at ease while they're at your place of business. Who couldn't use a laugh or a reason to smile?


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