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Unique Christmas Card Ideas

Years ago, I found the world to be quite a stressful place. It was 2016, an election year and at the time was pretty volatile. Fast forward to 2020 and there is obviously no comparison. 😬 After removing Facebook from my phone (best decision ever, by the way) I decided I wanted to bring joy to my friends and family and Christmas was right around the corner - perfect timing! 

Fuzzy face magnetic toy
Magnetic Game Christmas Card

Honestly, sometimes my Christmas card planning starts in the summer. I have grand ideas and need time to figure out how to implement them! Other times, I send an Instagram photo of my family and call it good. 🤫  I think you'll like and appreciate these cards because they are different from the typical family photo cards everyone else sends. While those are great, and make for a perfect reason to get your family photos taken, we see your children everyday on social media - enough! 🤣

Unique Christmas Card Ideas
Riddle Me This - Batman Card

I love putting a little spin on old traditional cards and create something that stands out in the crowd. Just remember, the flatter the card, the cheaper it is to mail. If you scroll below, I have a spin card game and that cost a pretty penny to ship... each and every one of them.

Clever Fun Interactive Christmas Card
Clever Spin Game Christmas Card

I hope you enjoy some of our most creative, and fun ideas for family or business Christmas cards. We hope you’ll find a little inspiration and maybe you can surprise your family with a whole new take on the long-standing tradition too.

Funny clever christmas cards
Crummy Friends Christmas Card


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